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Create 3 illustrations reflecting Peter Pan and his dark or childish side for the Espace Bassano. • Create an illustrated map for the museum visit. 

Created a logo for women’s ready-to-wear brand.

Creative jewelry designer / Technical drawings of original jewelry / Illustrations reproduced in embroidery on shirts and scarves.

  • Illustration for a book cover with the main theme of "The Thousand and One Nights".


In bookstores, Fnac, Amazon, Bon Ton and at Le Bon Marché. 17 double pages. Author Laurie CHOLEWA.

Design and production of a 33-square-meter mural on wallpaper for the Parkers restaurant located in Dubai in collaboration with the Friedmann & Versace decoration agency.

• Development and creation of a range of wallpapers that were sold in 15 shops worldwide.

• Design and production of personalized and digitized large-format murals on wallpaper for clients such as decorators, hotels, and individuals.

• Creation of a line of tableware.

Development of a plan for the creation of the visual identity of the chocolatier for 6 stores, defining key elements such as logo, typography, colors, 45 packagings, flyers, business cards, web design, and merchandising.