La première sélection de produits de chefs tel que Thierry CourtNicolas HaewelynChristophe Adam, goût, saveur, Juan ArbelaezGilles MarchalJoseph ViolaDenny ImbroisiGeorges BlancPatrick Bertron, livrée chaque mois, à domicile.

Pour ce projet inouï, Mlle Mouns a pensé à un logo et un packaging au design intemporel. 

website : LA BOX DES CHEFS 


The chefs' box is the first selection of specialties made by chefs. An assortment of 5 to 7 exceptional products, delivered to customers, in a box. They collaborated with great chefs very famous in France like Cyril Lygnac, Michel Rostang, Christophe Adam, Anne-Sophie le Pic ……


My mission was to create a logo and packaging that remains timeless and that can represent every chefs' worlds. 


We chose royal blue and gold that brings a trendy and classy touch to the box. The logo is made of clean and round lines, a reference to the multiples flavours that one can find in the box and the pure joy of gluttony.