Perly is a chocolatier who created lactose-free and mid-range chocolates. They are sold in supermarkets and had to create a packaging that is functional, informative and aesthetic. I was in charge of reshaping all the visual identity: the logo, the packaging, the fridges, the business cards …


We defined a graphic direction where the palette is limited and the design minimalist.


The packaging goes straight to the point and is not cluttered with unnecessary frills (I added small windows so that allow the customer to immediately see the chocolates). Clean and punchy packaging skillfully sublimated by a bold typography and by the timeless combination of pink and chocolate color for typography


identité visuelle, logo & design de packaging

Pour le Chocolatier Damyel, la designer Mlle Mouns à developper une gâme de

boîtes de chocolats , tablettes , sacs, étiquettes ingredients et du website.